Precision VW Service & Repairs in South Melbourne

Do you have a Volkswagen car and would like it professionally looked after when it comes time for servicing, or if there are repairs that are necessary? While you can go to a dealer for this, the issue is that they’ll charge you an arm and a leg for the same results that other mechanics offer – provided they have the knowledge and experience behind their services.

At A.L.S. Automotive, you can rest assured that we use the very latest technology and equipment to ensure your VW repair or service is completed at the highest standards, all for a very affordable price. Our team work with diagnostic equipment for your vehicle’s computer, allowing us to work with all types of both mechanical as well as electrical servicing that’s required.

Providing a range of repairs and servicing for VWs and more

Australia is known the world over for its harsh weather, from scorching summers through to windy winters. It’s this huge fluctuation in temperatures and the range of conditions we face that you need to be extra-vigilant with your vehicle’s maintenance if you’re keen for it to keep going as long as possible.

Since beginning operations over 30 years ago, we’ve strived to deliver the most exceptional outcomes to every customer that brings their car in. Our in-depth knowledge spans across a number of Euro makes such as Audi as well as BMW and others, and we can provide numerous solutions for you including:

  • Air conditioning repair
  • Auto electrical jobs of all types (rewiring, tuning, etc.)
  • General logbook servicing
  • Exhaust assessments and fittings
  • … and a whole lot more

Whatever it is you’re after, we’re bound to offer it. So give us a call today and book in your VW!

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